Pararrayos Barcelona was born in 2011, after a career dating back over 40 years.

From Terrassa (Barcelona), manufacture, install and maintain systems of lightning protection, where we have sales offices, manufacturing and assembly workshop, warehouse for supply and installation, with the most technologically advanced test equipment.
Dymel, belonging to our group (with over 25 years experience), develops and manufactures in its I+D and testing laboratory itself blocks the lightning energy produced by the firm PSR, and then are tested and Certificates from Independent Laboratories.
Our products have all the trials and certidicaciones required by existing rules and new Technical Building Code issued by the Independent Laboratories most prestigious in our country, both external and protection of internal protection.
Termination rods equipped device (PDC) are currently the most accepted both domestically and in Europe, South America and Asia.
One of our models of lightning has AENOR product therefore gives them confidence all the requirements needed to participate in major projects in lightning protection structures of all kinds.
Collaborate with the best engineering both at home and internationally, working from the start of projects to completion on site giving technical advice. In this way we ensure that the facilities of lightning protection are the most reliable and meet the requirements of current applicable standards, both in the capture of lightning and its effects on the internal facilities.
All our staff is highly qualified and has extensive experience and professionalism within the sector.
Our company is present in all working groups as members in the different normalizations (UNE), whose secretariat has UNESA. Lightning Today Barcelona is the Catalan delegation of PSR, a national manufacturer of termination rods, which has AENOR with ER-0146/98 registration number, thus ensuring the highest quality in all products.
We offer our customers technical solutions that meet the needs and characteristics of the buildings to be protected.
Our technical department carries out pre-work visits to determine at all times the best solution, whether industrial, public bodies (CEIP, CAP, civic centers, IES, residences, sports centers, etc.), Petrochemical, Airports, Shopping Telecommunications or private (residential buildings, houses or isolated).